Bosphorus Cruise

Canakkale We met our tour guide in the dinner cruise bosphorus city center. about 30 minutes by car in Troy, a private open-air museum gittil. Troy since 1980, a very large excavation and restoration work is done. In many dsayı documentary book about Troy and finally in 2004, starring Brad Pitt are movie Tron. Used in the film Troy horse sculpture is exhibited in Canakkale city center. Troy, a place that is as old as human history. Troy horse statue opens the door to the castle secretly tucked away on the soldiers and the war would be the winning side. Troy consists of nine layers. The first layer is 90 meters wide, a very beautiful ancient town with a castle last layer
Gllipol war is known as the last bosphorus cruise gentleman’s war. In 1915, many battles in gallipoli peninsula, dating from the tunnels and trenches are military. Gallipoli war is separate into two parts. In the first part, the British and French warships the sea battle resumed. In the naval battle of Gallipoli British and French navies were sunk or damaged too big. australia and new zealand British colonies composed of ANZAC soldiers of the Turkish military has been very fierce battles. On April 25, Anzac Day commemorations are made very large. gallipoli peninsula’s military is too big for the ANZAC soldiers and twisted sculptures and monuments were built.

We stayed at the hotel in Cappadocia special cave

. Cave hotel rooms were very spacious and quite warm in winter and cool in summer there was a natural ventilation system. In the morning, we met in the hotel lobby with our tour guide and went to town Orthis. Ortahisar a classic Turkish town where all the eggs are organic cheddar ephesus tours cheese, honey, butter, cream and olive have tea and coffee. First we went to the Goreme open air museum which is of great beauty and wonder of nature here. Everyone fromanother planet came to ask the question open-air museum of Goreme in Cappadocia Turkey Tours numerous cave and the fairy chimneys had. People lived here
used as places of worship Cave life as places were. Christianity has spread to Europe from here and here had reserved the church. Hidden in the interior of the church of Jesus Christ and many are decorated with mosaics virgin mary photos. Zelva open-air museum and a magnificent went to the wonder of nature here, and here
there were numerous cave fairy chimneys.
For the first Monks valley Cappadocia balloon tours we went and boarded the balloon. 150 meters from where the balloon came out and a fabulous cappadocia here had views. Cappadocia Balloon Tours celebrates bursa tours with champagne after they did, and I gave balloon flight certificate. Cappadocia Uchisar the highest point and get
the incredible beauty I had here Cappadocia At the end of many birds including pigeon Pigeon valley that Muhtse a valley. From Rome soldier and snowy weather Demirkazik and lived in underground cities of Derinkuyu. If Ihlara valley is a natural wonder in the middle of the river flowing on both sides of the river, where there are numerous cave and people lived here. Finally, there is the town of Avanos and mud and soil here has been very nice souvenirs are sold.

my private istanbul tours

Me and my husband have attended  . With our tour guide we met a very nice hippodrome istanbul . Our tour guide told us very detailed information about istanbul . Istanbul Golden Horn Bzanti from greece first lived in the region , this is a natural inner harbor. Istanbul has been the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire period . There are hippodrome istanbul and pamukkale tours brought here from corn has 2 obelisk . hippodrome is used as an arena . By Byzantine Emperor Justinian, Hagia Sophia was built in 531 , Hagia Sophia , which is a magnificent architectural work of art. Istanbul Hagia Sophia is located at the top and the most beautiful from every point seems to istanbul . In the interior mosaic, Hagia Sophia and pictures are very nice and the Ottoman era minaret was added 4 , Hagia Sophia manuscript is decorated with calligraphy . In 1453, the Hagia Sophia mosque serves. also a museum which is very popular nowadays .

Hippodrome German emperor fountain was built by Ottoman Sultan as a gift getting . Blue mosque sultan ahmet is made ​​on behalf of , the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul blue mosque There is a 5 minute walk of . A very large dome of Hagia Sophia , and 6 are very thin, tall minarets . There is a very large courtyard made ​​of marble very nice on the inside and with calligraphy manuscript is decorated with blue tiles . Blue mosque in Istanbul by architect Mehmet Efendi has the most beautiful architecture in a mosque . inside the soot from burning candles or oil lamps , are gathered in turkey tours the room is air flow through . Topkapi palace , which is a very large garden and which consists of two-storey structure , there are pavilions . Baghdad was made the first pavilion . ısmanl this is the administrative center of the empire , Hasan has room floor where valuable treasures of silver and has the world’s largest diamond . A place where the sultans harem sultan family owned and inhabited part of women . Topkapi palace Bosphorus and sea views are very nice .

سلام دنیا!

به نام خدا

به سرویس وبلاگدهی نت سایت خوش آمدید.

این نخستین نوشته‌‌ی وبلاگ شماست . به این وسیله پیوستن شما به خانواده نت سایت را خیر مقدم عرض می کنیم. شما می‌توانید آن‌ را ویرایش یا پاک کنید و پس از آن وبلاگ نویسی را آغاز کنید!

برای آشنایی بیشتر و نحوه استفاده از امکانات سایت به آموزشگاه نت سایت مراجعه فرمائید.. …

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Canakkale from Istanbul 4 hours ‘ve done a very nice bus ride . Canakkale We met our tour guide in the city center . Tools together with private open-air museum tour we went to Troy . About Troy gallipoli tours Troy movie in 2004 starring Bradd Pitt has . Used in the film Troy horse sculpture is exhibited in Canakkale city park . An ancient city of Troy is as old as human history . 90 feet wide and built a castle here once belonging to the Roman Empire was an ancient city . If the events described in the epic Hemeros ileum . Troy horse statue soldiers secretly tucked away on the castle gate enters and wins the battle .
Australia and new zealand British colonies consisting of ANZAC soldiers are called to unity . Gallipoli Gallipoli peninsula, dating from the war , many military There are tunnels and trenches . Between the years 1914-1918 the First World War took four years . In 1915, the last gentleman’s war, the war was gallipoli . There has been a very fierce battle . Anzac military and the edirne tours Turkish military is too large for the memorial tombs and statues made . Anzac Day on April 25, as is made so many ceremonies . Became the first naval battle of the war in Gallipoli . English French warships sunk or all of the damage was too great .